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29 October 2006

Busy week


What you guys been up to? Meh, same 'ol2x. How's the weather in your area, here been crappy brrrr...

I would like to thank madame Ethel sa theme ng blog ko. When I saw it I just can't resist not to asked her if I can use it in my blog. The only thing I change is the header, of course with the permission. I just love the whole theme its simple and clean looking.

Anyway, last Tuesday was Julie's first school band concert
as you all know she played trumpet and as usual it did turned out good. And also they are way better this year compare last year. Alam nyo kitang-kita sa vcam itong anak ko kalain nyo bang ini-elbow nya ang katabi, we asked her why, sabi niya na wala daw sa tono. hehehe. I'm hoping na hindi nakita sa ina. Oh yeah naka uniform na pala sila this year w/c is great kasi last year kahit ano lang. Pangit tingnan nun kasi some of the kids naka jeans or short pants. At least this they look so neat.

The father & daugther.

With Kathy & Tim.

After the concert we went to one of our fav mexican restaurant. I had chimichinga seafood hmmm that was so yummy. Kathy & I had strawberry margaritas, in some reason i got drunk! hehehe. Siguro pagud lang kayat daling na lasing.

I had her change her shirt so she wont make a stain on it, napa ka clumsy pa naman.

Ok dokie- (Happy Sunday) (Monday) everyone and have a wonderful week!.

To Ate Nina:
more birthdays to come ATe. Hugz & kisses!

Salamat nga pala sa feedback nyo sa previous post ko. Sana hindi mangyari sa inyo. I am more carefull now specially with the password.

Na notice nyo post ko 'to kahapon pa, nagka problema kasi sa coding eh at hindi ko ma solve, i was so frustrated, and mad finally gave up! Thanks to my preceptor Raquel so nice to help me and fix the problem for me. Again "Thanks So Much" madam as always very much appreciated.

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26 October 2006

Just Wondering

Just Wondering...

Hello friends, musta? Miss me? I missed you all! Busy lang po talaga, sana na presidente na lang ako para hindi na ma vusy.

Anyway, here's why I'm wondering. Almost every night I log-in in blogspot. When you almost log-in in your blog or emails every night, you'd think you will forget your password that instant?!

This is what happened: Monday night I did log-in in my blog, I think I change the song & add couple blog links. Since, the blogspot was acting up I gave up and went to bed. Tuesday, I came home from work check my everyday email and saw this email:
I wonder why blogger email me this? I thought maybe one of the blog I created for friends or something. I am so curios so, I click the link...My mouth was dropped cause it's my blog.
How an earth?! I was just log-in Monday night! How can I forget my password since i used it every single day?. hmmm this is so interesting, don't you think?. Who could want to hacked my blog? Is my blog interesting enough that someone will try? Or just being a moron hacked someone's blog and do stupid thing, who knows?! I knew couple of friends someone got in or hacked their blog & email already, it's sad and so pathetic. Anyway, whoever you are don't you have anything exciting to do? And next time you try to log-in to people's blog don't be a moron by clicking the recovery or request a password since it will NOT go to your INBOX! You just made me laughed, GO eat rice you idiot!.

Anyway, is this happen to you na someone will try to log-in in your blog or email? I know maam Irel is a victim of this.

I'm tired...all for now, Happy Friday everyone and enjoy! Hugs & kisses to all.

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21 October 2006

Walang ma post...

Walang ma isip na mag greet na lang ako...

Halu- friends kumusta kayong lahat? Ito na naman ako another boring entry... well, with the pics on my post hopefully na hindi kayo ma bored. Walang ma isip eh ( like meron? hehehe) at pagud lang po talaga. I feel a lot better now though, just needed a rest. Thanks Ghee!

Raq- ito na pala ang ebidensya hehehe...sorry just got a chance.

The princess...
passed 3 years na we gone to see the Disney On Ice at timing the week sa bday ni Julie. Before we went to the show Julie open her gift from Kathy & Tim first
isn't it sweet? They just so nice to treat Julie on her bday. Thanks so much you guys, very much appreciated! The show was good and we did enjoyed it. As always the kids are soooo cute to look at dressing up with their fave character.

Here's me & Kathy
more pics HERE...

To the birthday celebrants:

To my dear Mildred, I am very sorry I forgot your bday. Well, to be honest I did remember but just didn't get a chance, I wasn't feeling good for passed 3 days. I did tried calling you the day after your bday but all I got was a busy signal. But anyway here's a post card for you.
Love you friend!

For you GA:
Best wishes and God bless! Love you too...

And to the adorable princess Jasmine:
isn't she cute?! Great capture mom Lil!

Happy Sunday everyone and have a wonderful week ahead. God bless!

One more thing...
sa mga Grey's Anatomy fanatic gumawa ako ng blog for weekly update on the dating doctors... The update is courtesy of I also link the weekly episode courstesy of ma click nyo sa bottom of my post.
Click this
and lets GO and talk about it! crazy meh! hahaha...

Vk- na received nako ang imong post card, salamat kaau ha you are so sweet and very thoughtful. Kookie they send their regards to you too. Thanks again we really appreciate it.

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18 October 2006

Quick Update...

Quick Update...

Ms. Yorokobee tag me this 2 weeks ago I think. Thought of doing this so i'll have an update. I don't feel good right now so this would be a quick one.

ON MY PLAYLIST...(lately)

I listen to any kind of music that sounds good specially the one will keep me awake at work.

Last week i start listening the xmas co-worker made fun of me and think i'm crazy. I told them, back in Pinas 1st week of September they start playing xmas music and some people start thinking or decorate already. am I right? oh- can you guys smell the spirit of xmas? hehehe... I know, thanksgiving muna.

ok- here's on my playlist lately:

...How To Save A Life by the Fray...recognize the song? This is the Grey's Anatomy Version, I just love it! It's my Thursday night drama soaps. click play to watch the video...

...Forever's Not Enough by Sarah Geronimo - I like this song, in some reason. I think she have a great voice...oh yeah nagreklamo na ang boss ko kasi daw he can hear it everytime i played the song.

...Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon - I went to their concert and remember this song na nagka eye to eye kami nung isang guitarist and he gave me a sweet smile *sigh! he is so cute...

...Ulan & Back To Me by Cueshe - like these songs too. I have been listening some Pinoy band, marami na rin akong nagustohan ng mga kanta from pinoy band isa na ang Cueshe of course...hehehe...

...London Bridge by Fergie - dunno why...

...Snakes On A Plane (Bring It) by Cobra of julie's playlist and i just like it.

...Everytime We Touch by Cascada - mapasayaw ka talaga, love it!

...Hips Don't Lie by Shakira - would love to shake my hips just like her...hahaha...

Dami pa kaya lang sabi ni Yorokobee 7 lang daw. Thanks Bee eventhough na late na 'to.

Got Julie's replacement cell phone pala nung Monday, she's happy now. Hindi na ra miserable ang life nya. hahaha...
Here's her broken phone.
the phone still working though but can't see anything sa screen. Very clumsy talaga ang anak ko. Lahat na electronic toys nya I always insured them just incase something happen pero yong mamahalin na hindi kaya sa bulsa pag pinapalitan.

Ann- yes covered sa insurance pag lost or stolen or kahit anong mangyari sa phone. I have a funny story...When I flushed my cell phone in the toilet bowl that was kind of hurt kasi I didn't insured my phone. Got no choice to buy another one. You guys might be wondering how an earth I flushed my phone?...hehehe...Well, it was in my shallow sweater pocket, when I was just about to flushed the toilet it fell inside and my hand was already on the handle and accidentally pushed it. So, there it goes...I told Kathy about it and she's laughing at me. She told me, she read in one of the magazine that's normal accident for a cell phone. I don't feel stupid then huh. hahaha...

Anyway, supposed to be a quick update but got carried away.

Take care you all and enjoy the rest of the week. Hugs & kisses!

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16 October 2006

Sari-saring Kwento

Sari-saring kwento...

Hello everyone- 'musta kayong lahat?! How's the weekend? Ours, not so bad a lazy busy weekend. Tom, cooked all afternoon he cook a cabbage rolls, hmm it was yummy. Julie in some reason she played animal crossing all day, i don't know why. It's been a long time we haven't played the game, watching her made me want to play too but I already start cleaning Tom's 'puter room, i'm sure if I sit down and played the game I wont finished cleaning.

Anyway, ito ang mga sari-sari kung kwento...hope na ok lang inyo at basahin nyo...

Monday - I came to work a little early so I can leave early too. As soon as I sat down kaagad tanong ang co-worker how was my weekend then asked kung tumawag ako sa sister niya about working sa store nila. Sabi ko pinag-awayan na namin ni Tom about me working another job. Sabi ni Tom na I already have one at mapapagod lang ako ng husto, in other words ayaw talaga niyang me to get another job. Pero gusto ko talaga pang experience lang kasi isa lang ang trabaho eh since I start working.

Anyhow, while me & my co-worker (lalaki) talking about the job, ang isa kung co-worker (babae) jump on our conversations at nag tanong kung saan daw ang store ng sister nya. Sinabi ko sa kanya kung saan and she said na she was in the area daw at ako naman na just want a conversation, tinanong ko siya na anong ginawa niya that area kasi i'm not that far. Aba, sagot pa niya na "non of my business" daw. I said right away na I know! 'yon tapos ang conversations. Sa totoo galit ako sa kanya at alam nyo anong ginawa ko, nag check ako sa works niya I didn't even care lahat na pages red pen kahit clear ang drawings niya nilagyan ko talaga na "you need to re-do the view and re-project the parts" wala akong paki-alam. She started it. hehehe...

Nang nag calm down na ako, in some reason I had the feeling na may mangyari sa cell phone ni Julie so, tinawagan ko ang phone company to add an insurance sa phone niya, ang mahal pa naman 5.99/month plus 70$ deductable. I got no choice so pina add ko na lang.

Well, sure enough Wednesday the 11th, when I called her sinabi niya sa akin na her phone was broke. Oh my- galit na galit ako sa kanya she just got the cell phone the 4th then she broke it right away. arrgggg...She said it was in her pocket and she didn't know what happened. The lcd screen got puntured and of course it's a physically damage I can't returned to the store. Luckily I listened my instict na i-insured ang phone nya just to make it sure. I'm not really happy cause I got to pay the deductable, well, at least it's only 70 than paying 300$. swerte pa rin.

Thursday - we had a meeting at work, we will be moving again to another building. This time it's 45 min drive from my house. I am not so happy about it, I might quit my job. sinabi ko na sa boss ko pero ayaw niya akong ipa quit. Sabi pa niya na kung mag offer daw na bigyan ako ng raise para hindi lang ako mag quit ok lang ba sa akin, without hesitation sinabi ko kaagad na of course I wont quit. Pero I think is not going to happen kasi DCX manager sa eng. graphics not happy na we are going to move. We the supplier should stay within 5 miles radius away from our customer. So, I think we'll be moving within the area or go back to our old building w/c is only 20 min drive from my house. We'll see...

Friday - we went to see the Disney On Ice at the palace. Every year we go see it with Kathy & Tim. They pay the ticket for us as a bday gift for Julie. Isa pa parang na tradition na rin namin na manood every year at we always look forward to see the kids dressed up with their character. They are soooo cute to look at.

Oh my- ang haba na nito a. Sorry po...Thanks for taking your time to read it.

Happy Monday everyone and enjoy the week.

walang magawa ito nag change na naman ng layout. hehehe. Kahit anong gawin ko na color in some reason i end up with the pink. why? kelangan pa ba 'tong itanong? hehehe. hope na magustuhan ninyo. I'm sure in december hindi na pink...we'll see...hehehe

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10 October 2006

Thank You's

Hello everyone, mustamus po kayong lahat? Hope ok lang & having a great time. Sorry ngayon lang ako nakapag update kasi palaging naubosan ng time. At hindi man lang ako naka dalaw sa inyong lahat. As I always say, pretty soon .

To: Glori, Tk, Yanella, Ylan, RHoanne, Amy, Yorokobe, Chikai, Ethel, Lutchi, Sonia, Ghee, Ghie, Agring, Raquel, Ate Nina, Genalyn, Vk, Malou, Ann, Kookie, Prescy, Rolly/Loloy, Lily, Lyn, , Juana, Ruth, GA, Ate Nina and to all na ng greet kay Julie na hindi ko na mention Thanks so much talaga.

Thanks so much for all the greetings and wishes for Julie, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Julie's bday wasn't so bad, it was fun actually. We got her a bday cake, walang bday pag walang cake diba? Kunti lang ang nakain namin sana gumawa na lang ako ng cup cake. hehehe. Pero dinala ko naman sa work nung Monday, 'yon ubos!

Saturday, we had so much fun eat, movie & shopping! The 2 girls she invited both are well mannered. They didn't made me felt left out. Ang saya ngang kasama eh. Their conversations made me feel like teenager again. They were talking about boys, moms & sisters, natawa talaga ako ng husto.

Kendal - Olivia - Julie

Oh yeah- when we were in aeropostle store, ng magbayad na kami I notice na this guy was staring at them at hindi ko gusto the way he stared at them so I kinda pulled them out from the line at na notice ng gagong lalaki na parang galit ako ayon tumalikod at nakipaghalikan sa GF nya, sa harapan pa namin ha. Sarap sapukin talaga, I did gave him a dirty looks. Sinabi ko kay Julie see at sabay turo sa lalaki, that's the reason! Walang imik si Julie.

Hindi ko talaga gusto ang hair style nya, she pull all the hairs in the front at mag lagay ng headband sa gitna. She gets mad at me pag sinabi ko sa kanya to pull her hair at the back. Ng mag blow siya ng cake I had to beg her sabi pa niya looks silly. Puede na pala siyang ipalit nung batang artista sa "the ring" movie. hehehe. remember that horor movie?

this pics she wasn't really happy when i told her not to use the headband & pull the hairs back, that's why ganyan ang mukha nya. Alam nyo nag-away pa kami afterwards sa buhok lang. Sarap putulin.

I think this is it... (ka apurado bang Raquel oi!) ...tulog na ako...nity night everyone!

Have a great day everyone and God bless! Hugs & kisses to all.

Sorry nga pala sa mga pop ups lately got no idea where it came from. I asked madame Ethel after she left msg in the tagboard. She told me what causing it and I did look for it but just can't find it until I decided to change the layout hopefully it'll fix. Please let me know if there's still any pop ups, very much appreciated. Kung meron pa nahala madame bazookaha na lang! hehehe. pagud na si ako.

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06 October 2006

Wordless Wednesday Blogroll

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It's all about her

Mother Daughter Poem
By Wilma Watson
I love you, my daughter, with all my heart
I’ve adored you all from the very start
I thank God for making you who you are
To me you’re just like shining stars
You give me encoouragement and praise
I so appreciate your special ways
I love to talk with you and share
You show me that you really care
I’m so proud to call my friend
On one another we can depend
With you in my life I am blessed
My daughter, you are the very best

A Father's Love
Your fingers curl up tight to make a fist
Your lips purse up as to make a kiss
Your eyes so bright, joy is all they bring
Your presence would cause angels to sing

Your first day filled and broke my heart
For I knew then that we would be apart
There is nothing more important to me
Then giving you my love for all eternity.

Wow- it sure time flies. 12 years old! seems like she just turned 2 yrs. old, I wish! That means i'm getting older too. Reminiscing while she was still a baby just melt my heart, I missed it.

I'll be home tomorrow so I can get ready a little handaan for her, just for us.

About going to the mall with her friends I just can't let her go, she's only 12 & i don't have the heart to let her walk around in the mall with friends specially weekends, there's lots of teenagers hang around inside the mall and i'm just so scared. I'm sure you mommies out there understand how i feel. I talked to her yesterday with a little bribe hehehe (i know its not good) she said i can go but not too close with them. She can be a stinker sometimes...hahaha...

The tittle "it's all about her", so, here's more pics to share with you all. I create all these tonight, hope you guys don't mind. Enjoy!

Happy Friday everyone and have a wonderful weekends. God bless!

oh yeah- thanks so much sa mga comments nyo in my previous post, again truly appreciate it. Sorry nga pala hindi ako nakapag reply, kasi busy lang po. And I will visit you guys soon. Hugs & kisses.

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04 October 2006


I received STARSTUDIO magazine for FREE each month and I found this one thought of sharing with you all.

Halik ni Hudas
Literal meaning : Judas' kiss
Actual meaning : A supposed kind gesture that is really a kiss of betrayal.
Example of usage : E, ano ngayon kung niyakap ka kanina sa party? Halik Hudas lang iyon. (So, what if he embraced you at the party? That's just a parting shot to let you know he will betray you.)

Makati ang dila
Literal meaning : Itchy tongue
Actual meaning : A person who could not stop himself of herself from spreading gossips or rumors.
Example of usage : Huwag kang magtitiwala ng mga sikreto mo kay Luz. Makati ang dila niyan.
(Don't trust Luz with your secrets. She's a gossip monger.)

Konsuelo de bobo
Literal meaning : A fool's consolation.
Actual meaning: A give-away or a bone tossed as consolation prize but one that really has no value.
Example of usage : Na-fire si Johnny sa trabaho. Ang konsuelo de bobo lang niya doon, binigran siya ng certificate of recognition sa tagal niya sa kompanya. Pero walang separation pay.
(Johnny was laid off from work. The certificate of recognition he got for his long years of service in the company was his consolation prize. Still, he got no separation pay.)

Halang ang bituka
Literal meaning : Twisted intestines
Actual meaning : An evil person or someone who is up to no good. He's got a very Dask Side.
Example of usage : Huwag mong gagawing kaaway si Mr. Reyes. Halang ang bituka niyan. Pwede ka niyang saktan.
(Don't make an enemy of Mr. Reyes. He's got a very dark side. He can hurt you.)

Sa Friday bday na ni Julie, times just flew by. We're not going to have a party for her this time because she don't want to. All she want invite couple of her closes friends go see a movie and shopping. Meron na siyang plano she wants me to drop her off to the mall with her friends and she'll call me whenever they're ready to go home. Natawa lang ako sa kanya at tina-asan ng kilay hahaha. Yeah right like I will let her roaming around inside the mall with couple of friends. Galit siya pero walang magawa. Hindi natin alam ang mga tao dyan diba?

Happy Wednesday everyone. God bless!

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03 October 2006

For Ate Nina

Special na special talaga ang araw para sa inyo Ate.

Ate Nina, GA & family, Genalyn, Lanie G, Ghie, Mildred, Lily, Yanella, Ruth, Rhoanne, Ethel, Glorie, Vk, Raquel, Loloy, Tk, my family back home and to all, thanks so much for all the prayers, the thoughts and the condolences we truly appreciate it them all. Thanks also for the birthday greetings of my mom in-law. God bless! Love you all...

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01 October 2006

My deepest sympathy to the Zurlinden's Family

He stopped his dialysis 3 days after Tom left, it was just hard for him. He was in coma Friday and Saturday early in the morning he passed away. I know it's sad but at least he is done with his misery. May he rest in peace.

Not much to say about him, he is just the greatest person i've ever known, a loving husband and a great father.

To you honey:

Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy. God bless!

Before I forget...

To my mom in-law:

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