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27 September 2006

Fall na pala?

... I didn't even know it's already Fall, how sad is that?! The only thing I know or notice when I leave to work I need a light jacket cause its cold in the morning. Couple days now been in the 40's. Summer over na talaga. So, how's the Fall everyone?

Thanks so much talaga sa inyong mga greetings, Tom & I very much appreciated.

Monday, Tom got invited to watch his friends jazz band practice and took Julie with him. Well, before he got invited, he mentioned to his friend that Julie got the 1st chair for the trumpet in her school band. Her band teacher had them play individual and decide who'll get the first chair. We got the result last Friday and we are so happy & proud of her. She can lose her chair if someone want to challenge her but so far there's no one.

Anyho, Tom's friend decided to invite her to watch them practice. So, they went to the jazz band practice. (sayang walang pictures). At first as Julie said it was so awkward cause they're in the 40's and she's only 11. But time passed she didn't even notice that she's having a great time. They even have her played with the band. How I wished I was there to watched them played. She said if they invite her again she'll go in a heart beat. Her first school band concert will be next month can't wait.

This week umpisa na pala ang Catechism ni Julie, guess what? I completely forgot about it. Luckily I was looking for a number in my cell phone, while searching the number it happened saw the Religious Education # and it hit me, so I called right away. I'm lucky enough that there's still have available for Wednesday. I like Monday or Tuesday pero close na. So, I stopped by yesterday to register her and today is her 1st day at late na naman sa pag pick up nya. hehehe. I got tuck in the traffic just like on the way to work.

Ang haba na nito ah. Sorry ha, hindi pa naman exciting, saksak ang storya at boring pa.

But before I stopped one more muna ha...

Today at work we had a bday month pot luck, I'm supposed to bring a pancit but got busy last night. So I brought a rye bread with dill dip, it wasn't bad puro naman mga american eh. Pero hinahanap talaga nila ang pancit. I told them na next week na lang.

Also I took my camera at work to take a pics of my 2 co-worker para sa presentation nila sa coop. Sabi pa ng supervisor ko he feel sorry for them na they let me took their pictures. hahaha. an evil laugh. Anyway, isa kung kung co-worker he filed up his pop cans, how many times na wanted to knock it down. hehehe. at isa pa sa kaka bored may origami pa. Here's the pics
1st & 2nd .

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy you guys weekend. Hugs & kisses to all!

To Ate Nina, hope to you feel better soon. Love you Ate!

GA- I miss you, saan ka na? Share ng pics sa birthday ni Joanna.

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25 September 2006

Tom's bday & pics to share

... Another year older and much happier! How old? paki count na lang po sa candles.

Si Tom na rin ang nagluto pero I help naman like putting together an appetizers. While he's cooking naglaro kami ng mahjong at siya na rin ang nag served sa amin while playing. He prepared italian salad with his own dressing, meatballs, deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail, letchon kawali, mashed potatoes & brussel sprouts, that's it!. Not much kasi kami lang eh. more pix sa foto blog ko paki check na lang po pag may time kayo.

Ito po ang mga mahjong-ngira!

Si Ate Mina ang nanalo kami ni May talo!

To all who greeted Tom's birthday once again, thank you very much I trully appreciate it! Have a great week everyone and enjoy!

opppssss malapit ko ng nakalimutan, To madame Amy & Ms. Babette
... Best wishes and many more to come!

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22 September 2006

How am I suppose to live?...

…with out a husband for 5 days was kind of hard kasi walang nagluluto. Hindi naman na ayaw kung magluto para bang nasanayan ko na na pag uwi galing sa trabaho may haponan na nakahanda. At pag weekend naman always have a big dinner na masarap. Saturday, Tom’s left at 4 in the morning, of course I stayed up all night so natulog ako boung hapon. Dinner time I asked Julie what’s for dinner or what you want for dinner? Sagot niya wala daw ang daddy niya so walang dinner. So wala nga kaming dinner, she just grabbed a hot pocket and I had rice with bagoong. Sunday got pizza, we had left over ‘yon na lang an kina-in namin for 3 days. Talagang tamad ano at walang kwentang ina! hehehe.

Wednesday around 4 p.m got a call from Tom that he is going to miss his flight, he got lost on the way to return the rental car. He was still trying to make it so, he was speeding but when he passed the truck police caught him and nailed him for 85mph. Right there $150.00 for the ticket. Finally he found his way but no time anymore. Meanwhile, I called the airline to change his flight & ask how much would cost? na shock naman ako to change his flight I need to pay 50$ plus the cost for one way ticket w/c 304$ and for the next day flight. I called him back and he said he will just get a hotel room. I was frustrated kasi I paid his round trip for 291$ & one way 304$ arrrggg...ayon umuwi na lang ako from work hoping na I can find a cheaper one online. Well, sad to say walang mahanap pero I found a last flight from NWA for the same price. So, i called him back sabi nya naka check in na daw siya, I told him to cancelled the room & go to the airport to pick up the ticket. Luckily walang charge sa pag cancelled sa room 200$ pa naman. Sorry daming $$$ sign, frustrated lang talaga sayang eh. Walang imik na lang ako at least he's home safe & sound.

Thursday, yipppeee!!! may dinner na kami. hehehe. walang hiya ano? I was at work tinawagan niya ako na nag grocery daw siya at magluto ng chicken. He cooked "chicken supreme" hmmm napakasarap very tasty talaga.

Bukas birthday ng asawa ko, another year older. Bigyan ko sana siyang surprise party kaya lang ayaw kung magalit siya kasi hate na hate niya ang suprise. I did mentioned it to him couple months ago, he said don't you dare! So, ito walang party kami lang at magluto daw siya bukas. I might invite couple friends to play mahjong.

For you honey:

Ok all for now, you guys have a wonderful weekend! Love you all and God bless!

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17 September 2006

Just an update

Sorry, hindi man lang ako nakapag update na busy lang po. Thursday, we got a call from Tom's sister na gusto ng umuwi ang daddy nila sa bahay kasi daw hindi na niya kaya, he suffer enough at gusto nya kung pumanaw man siya gusto nyang nasa piling ng mga mahal niya lalo na sa asawa nya. He is asking for all his children to see him, so ayon ng book kaagad ako ng flight for Tom and i'm lucky enough to get a cheap flight.

So, Friday galing ako sa trabaho, 1st i took julie to her doctor to have her physical exam for her school. Gusto kasi nyang mag try out sa volleyball at mag join ng cross country. We got home, got a call from Tom na ayaw nyang mag stay sa bahay ng sister niya so ayon I book a room & car rental at pagkatapos agad ng impake ng gamit ni Tom hindi raw kasi marunong mag impake eh . In the middle of packing may naisip akong gagawin para ipadala kay Tom for his dad to see. Open my psp, start doing kung ano man ang nasa isip ko, actually hindi ko alam, hehehe... i just keep clicking pictures after pictures no'ng andoon kami sa Cape Cod.

So finally see the perfect picture and start working on it. Natapos ko rin and wanted to print it out, pero nagloko ang printer dang! almost mid-night pa naman. Nag give up ako kasi just didn't print out good, so I decided to drive to the nearest store na open 24 hrs. 1:30 a.m grab my flash drive & go.

Pagdating ko sa store i plug the flash drive right away and guess what? I saved to a wrong ext file, gusto kung sumigaw sa store, napakatanga ko talaga! I went home galit na galit & it's 2:00 am already so hindi na lang ako bumalik tinapos ko na lang mag impake kasi ang Tom need to leave at 4:00. Hindi na lang ako natulog.

Anyway, ito ang ginawa ko para sa dad ni Tom. 1st pix and 2nd pix. Oh yeah- he still able to see this pictures, (ngayon ko lang 'to naisip when Tom called me asking for the link sa cottage house namin sa Pinas) right away I upload the pictures I made and told him to print it out. Thanks to myphotalbum for saving my katangahan! ...

oppsss sorry napahaba ang post ko.

Before I forget, to my fink sis Ghie ...

Happy Sunday everyone and have a great week ahead. God bless!

Sa lahat who voted my blog thanks so much I truly appreciate it!

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12 September 2006

My Life Is Full Of Spices

Ayan may title na "My Life Is Full Of Spices" which is true! Thanks Ghee you sure are the sweetest.

Kumusta kayong lahat? I can't think of anything exciting to share with you guys, napa ka boring talaga!

Monday Sept. 11th, went to work remembering what happened 5 years ago it's very sad. Pagdating ko sa trabaho around 8 as soon a I sat down, I did say a prayer for all the victims then I start working. While trying to finished my welds graphics, I'm pretty sure na the time was around the second plane was hit to the building then insaktong 9:11 am our power was shutdown and emergency light came on. Sumigaw kaming lahat, hindi yong sigaw na takot, sigaw na galit kasi we lost all our works. Dalawang drawings ang hindi ko na saved pero ok lang. Napaka errie talaga insaktong 9:11 nawala ang power namin diba?.

Anyway, over the weekend, finally I cleaned our pantry kasi hindi ko na alam kung anong laman ng pantry namin. Si Tom lang ang may alam. Pass couple week I start cooking again, na frustrate ako kasi hindi ko na makita ang gusto kung mga spices, so ayon time e-sort a little. I am still imagining sa pantry ni Jenny na very organized talaga, thanks to her at ako'y na challenge sa pag sort out sa laman ng pantry namin. Ito po ang ebidensya ko...hope na ok lang na i-share ko ito.

ang una the before at ang pangalawa the after...not so bad huh! Asawa ko talaga maraming mga spices na ginagamit.
Believe it or not lahat na spices na yan ay nagamit na niya. Ma chinese, japanese, korean, mexican, american, filipino na spices meron siya. Happy na rin ako para hindi ako magutom. hehehe.

Dito lang muna ako, another boring entry. Thanks so much everyone for taking your time to visit my blog, very much appreciated. Regards sa inyong lahat, God bless!

Before I forget, sorry again hindi ko na reply ang ibang nag comments. Musikera, Ghee, Raquel, Tk, maa Ylan, Glorie, Ethel, LanieG, madame Amy thank you, sagutin when i find a time kahit late na.

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08 September 2006

Thank You!

yep, 'yan ang ginawa ko all day today cleaning & cooking. Hindi pa rin ako tapos meron pang laundry naghi-hintay sa akin. Siguro bukas ...

First day pala sa school ni Julie, first time ako hindi nag take ng day off sa trabaho kasi she told me the nigth before NOT to drop her off, NOT to take her picture, NOT to pick her up! . From kindergarten 'til 6th grade I always take off work so I can drop her off, take pictures and pick her up. And since they always have a half day first day of school, I always take her shopping and eat out after school. But now , oh well, I just need to accept I guess na hindi na siya baby. Ang dali lang talaga ano? Next month mag 12 na siya...

Anyway, thanks so much for voting sa blog ko, I'm 3rd placer, still I'm happy about it at least merong naka recognize sa blog ko diba? This week my blog still nominated, sabi ni talksmart maybe this week i'll get my chance to win. ...Here's the link again ... Thanks again talksmart!

All for now, tapusin ko muna ang ginawa ko.
Hugs to all!

Sorry pala hindi ako naka reply sa comments ninyo, na busy lang po! To: Tk, Ethel, Yorokobee, Ghee, Kukang May, Agring, iskoo, Sonia, Juana, Vk and Mira, thank you! Truly appreciate it.

Oh yeah- by the way Tk...

Kukang welcome to blogging pala, nahawa kana rin sa amin! ... Love the title "Afternoon Delight".

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04 September 2006

Minimum Wage Rates

sa lahat nag vote sa blog ko. Hindi pa tapos ang botohan puede pa kayong mag vote ulit. Nag-abuso ano? Hindi naman po kung puede lang sana. Excited lang talaga ako kasi 1st time meron ng nominate sa blog ko. Talksmart thanks talaga, I'm just happy na ni-nominate mo ang blog ko. Here's the link again , left sidebar paki click "carlotz".

Yippeee, 1st day of school bukas! I'm sure you guys know na why I'm happy about it. hehehe. Sunday, I did took Julie school shopping. 12 years here in Michigan 1st time ko na naghintay sa labas na mag open ang store. It was great tho' kasi walang masyadong tao at in & out kami ni Julie. Last minute shopping for school supplies is no fun at all, I paid full price for everything! My fault kasi eh palaging busy at tamad sa weekend.

Kukang ito na po ang letchon kawali ni Tom, sorry po hindi na kita natirhan, sarap kasi eh at inubos namin lahat. Picture na lang sa inyo. hehehe... Sabihin ko kay Tom na magluto siya sa susunod at i'll make sure na may matira para sa 'yo.

Anyway, I found this site and I thought very interesting and worth to share to my fellow Pinoy. Makita nyo ang minimum wages sa Central Luzon malaki talaga at no wonder na ang iba pumupunta sa Manila o kaya'y mangibang bansa para lang makakita ng malaki kahit malayo sa kanilang pamilya.

Current Regional Daily Minimum Wage Rates

Region III - Central Luzon

Grants an additional daily COLA to all minimum wage workers in the region, as follows:
a) P10.00 for workers in Aurora Province
b) P14.50 for Non-Agriculture Sector workers in Bulacan
c) P18.50 for all other workers in the region
Issued on July 17, 2006; published at Sun Star Pampanga on July 19, 2006

Posted: 01 September 2006

Region VII - Central Visayas

Class A - Cities of Cebu, Mandaue, Lapulapu, Danao and Talisay; Municipalities of Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando, Carcar, Liloan, Consolacion, Compostela and Cordova.
Class B - City of Toledo and the rest of the municipalities in the Province of Cebu except the municipalities in the Islands of Bantayan and Camotes.
Class C - All the cities in the Provinces of Bohol and Negros Oriental.
Class D - Municipalities in the Province of Siquijor and the municipalities in the Islands of Bantayan and Camotes.
Grants wage increase to all minimum wage workers in the region as follows (All Classes):
P10.00 – P18.00 increase in the DMW* in Non-Agriculture Sector
5.00 - 15.00 increase in the DMW* in Agriculture Sector
22.00 - 27.00 increase in the DMW* in the Agriculture (Sugar and Sugar Mills)
* Daily minimum wage
Issued on July 16, 2006; published at Sunstar Cebu Daily on July 18, 2006
Posted: 01 September 2006

More info HERE...

All for now, take care and God Bless!

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02 September 2006

Please vote for me!

Kumusta mga amiga at amigo?! Hope ok sa inyong lahat. How's the weekend so far? I'm sure happy kasi labor day weekend. Sa akin naman dito instead na mag linis ng bahay at maglaba pero tinamad so, pumunta kami ni Julie kina May nag laro ng mahjong. Tatlo lang kami ako, May at Ate Mina so si Julie ang pang apat namin. hehehe. Walang hiyang ina ano sinali ang anak sa mahjongan. She learned to play mahjong when she was 9 years old and she learned in 10 mins. Natawa at masaya ako kasi siya ang pang reserba namin. hehehe.

School mag start na sa Tuesday at guess what? Hindi pa kami naka pag school shopping. We half to do it tomorrow otherwise 1st day of school walang gamit si Julie. hahaha. She really can't wait to go back to school so am I.

Oh yeah- September na nga pala that means xmas is around the corner. Hey merry xmas sa inyong lahat! Pamasko ko ha kasi ako ang naka una eh. hehehe.

By the way, my blog is nominated for "Filipino Blog Of The Week" sa bahay ni Talksmart... wow- thanks so much talksmart for choosing my blog, truly appreciate it. Please click this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to vote for me, "carlotz" . Thanks in advance for voting for me.

Before I forget,
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ...Ito pala ang cake mo Ms. IndayDavao, Happy Birthday! Saan ang inoman? ito o mag beer muna tayo Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting pang relax! hehehe... Best wishes, hugs!

ok dokie...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting



Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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