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23 November 2006

Thank You Thank You

Hello everyone once again thanks so much for the visit, for the comments and messages in my tagboard, really, I truly appreciate them all!

I move my blog and hosted by . Click HERE for my new place and update. wink*

To my linking buddies please update my link, thanks, very much appreciated! See you all to my new place.

Malou, Vk, Tikey, Lily, Amy, Loloy, Ylan, Rho, LanieG, Ghee, Ethel, Krystyna, Raquel, Rachel, Sir Bernhard, Ann, Juana, Haze, Lutchi, Lalique, Ivy, Coco, Janine, Yorokobee, Che, Prescy, Sonia, Hermie, Ghie, Ligaya, Irel, my pangGA and to ALL maraming SALAMAT sa walang sawang pag bisita nyo sa akin dito. I love you all!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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19 November 2006

My Week and PIX to share.

How to start?...

First of all I would like to thank you once again to all your prayers for my MIL. The surgery went very well and hopefully she'll be home soon.

...was busy packing at work. Took some pics sa area ko for the last time.
meh happy in this pics but NOT happy for the moved. The driving nightmare will start on Monday.

how much magazine you need at work? hehehe. You'd think I get anything done at work? Of course naman. I read magazine when I get bored or while waiting the parts projected.

I'm going to miss this place specially the driving.

...Julie's catechism, I switched her to 6:30 class cause I know I wont be able to make it to drop her off for 4:30 class. Sa 4:30 class nya after dropping her off punta ako kina May para mag palipas ng oras at nakikain na lang din ng dinner. hehehe...kapal ano? Now that she's in 6:30 hindi na ako pumupunta kna May kasi may school siya at 6 so, ginagawa ko I do my errands or just wait for her in the parking lot for an hour & 15 mins. While waiting for her nag na nap naman ako so ok na rin diba?

Nadean invited us to go with her to join with JJ & Lynne for CATATONIC ICE SKATING at Campus Martius Park in Downtown Detroit. Though I didn't skate but I had a great time! Julie and Nadean surely had a blasts!
julie enjoying ice skating.

Julie and Nadean with Lynne. Lynne such a nice lady.

WYYZ Channel 7 weather guy Dave Rexroth. Nakakatuwa kasi he asked me if i have my skate on, i said yes and he told why you're not skating? I said i don't want people see me fell off my butt...hehehe...

malapit ng matapos ang morning show they had everybody on the ice to form a letter C. Kami ni Nadean ang dulo ng C. click HERE for more pics from WCSX.

The official Christmas Tree at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit was lighted that night.

Lighting of the tree has become a favorite addition to winter in Detroit each year. (pics coutersy of wxyz).

More pics HERE of Nadean & Julie's ice skating.

After the morning show we went home and stopped by at kerbys had a breakfast. Around 12:30 Julie & I went to parents teacher conference. It was an easy ones since she had almost all A's. Her teacher in Geography ang dami kung tanong kasi first time in her 1st quarter nagka B+ siya. I asked the teacher why? he looked all her assigments and quizzes all looked good and said she's doing great and i said why she got B+? He said in my class I want to see more DETAILS specially working on maps, 7th grade kinda toughed and she needs to pay more attention working on her details. Sabi ko OK...then sabi niya I take na hindi daw ako happy sa B+...of course not...I said I'm happy and proud and I know she's capable of an A. Umuwi na lang kami kasi our conversations not going nowhere kasi dami kung tanong sagot niya she's doing great but just need to pay more attention on details.

While I'm in the parking lot I just can't helped it na not to take a picture on these 2 minivans...hehehe...While driving Julie told na i need a car wash...sabi ko I know. I take dirt road kasi the other road na paved still closed. Been rainy passed week so ayon nga since i've been taking dirt road yan ang mukha ng van ko. So I just can't helped na not to take the pics the other van na since I feel good kasi it's worst than mine. hehehe.
mine is the teal blue...i should be happy huh? hahaha.

Ok- sorry my post way to long busy kasi eh. And again I'm sorry hindi man ako naka bloghopped sa inyong lahat. Bawi lang ako ha? Once again maraming SALAMAT sa walang sawa sa pagbisita nyo, very much appreciated.

Hugs & Kisses to all. Have a wondeful week ahead. God bless!

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11 November 2006

Thank You So Much...


I know you guys wondering why I came back so soon sa pag ba-blogging. Hindi kasi matuloy ang hubby ko to go MA kasi cancelled ang funeral service sa daddy niya, (as you all know he passed away a month ago) kasi ang mommy niya nasa hospital ngayon for gallbladder infection and a heart attack. Siguro na missed lang nya ang asawa nya, imagine nearly 65 yrs. silang mag-asawa at ngayon lang nagkahiwalay. She will go through for surgery tomorrow for the gallbladder and they will put a stint to her heart because she's too old for heart bypass surgery, she's 86 and she just don't want it. Please Pray for her. Thank You.

Anyway, now hubby not going to MA he can help me anytime now.

Hello my friends, I just want to say "Thank You So Much" for all your greetings & wishes for my birthday. I am so happy & so grateful to have a wonderful friends around me. It made me feel so complete. Thanks so much!

Anyway, about my birthday, it was so wonderful and I felt so much love.

When I came in at work, this is what I saw on my chair. How sweet is that? Thanks Kathy & Tim I really appreciate it a lot. Time for cake and presents. Para talaga akong bata excited na excited :-).

Then I got home I received a cake flower arrangement from Kookie, it's so nice and sweet of her. Thanks stinker loves them all! Also to my dear Vk & family, thanks for the lovely card, really appreciate it.

Then, when hubby got home, got a 2 dozens of yellow roses and a beautiful card. Reading what written in the card it just melt my heart. Very sweet.

I didn't want to go out for dinner but Julie insists so we just went for hot wings night, every Wednesday one of our fav resto. We ordered a bowl of hot and a bowl of 3 alarm. Tom got the 3 alarm, I got the hot one, oh my- my mouth was burning like hell! I can't imagined with the 3 alarm. hahaha. Anyway, after we ate I din't want to stay any longer cause I was so un-comfortable someone starring at me. Sarap sapukin! We went home happy & satisfied. My birthday this year so special for me and I thank you to each one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy weekends everyone and God bless! Hugz & kisses to all.

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07 November 2006

What did I say? :-)

OFF for now? arrrggggg just can't resist!...Seriously, I really need to take a break for now. So much going on, so much to do around the house specially holidays quiet approaching. Plus work we are moving soon and I need to packed.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to all who always visited me here. And your comments & messages in my tagboard, are truly appreciated. Sana hindi kayo magsawa...Love you all!

My birthday yipeeee! ...hmmmmm saan na ang presents ko? ...just kidding 'lang hiya nanghingi pa! hahaha...

I thank God for giving me another year to celebrate. My only wish is to give me a good health, love and peace.

Happy birthday to me!

To: Lily (1st ka nga! hehehe), Genaly, Ethel, Ann, Vk, Amy, Ylan, Rho, LanieG, TiKey, Ghee, Raquel, Lutchi...Salamat sa comments nyo at sorry hindi man ako makapag reply. Rain check lang muna ha. muuuahhh...
And to all who greeted me a big Thank You from the bottom of my heart!
Oh segi- have a great day everyone and enjoy the rest of the week. God bless us all!

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06 November 2006

Nothing much...

How was you guys weekend? Hope productive and having fun. Mine, not so bad besides I hurt my lower back. I think this is a sign of being old. hehehe.

Genalyn- 3/4 of the 30's na ako. Lapit na over the hill.

When I woke up this morning I thought I felt better so I start working around the house, after half an hour ooooppppsssss it hurt again. I said that's it I need to go to work tomorrow i better sit still. So I did...I tried to take a nap but it made it worst so i got up & sit infront of my pc. Dindn't do any blog hopping though but I did try some digiscrap. Been seen a lot of bloggers done digiscrap and I'm really impressed of their works so, I told myself I should give it a try. So here it is, hope you guys like it...

Julie's cheapest costume ever! LoL... 2 packs of face paint 1.99$/pack. She did the whole thing she din't want my help good for me...hehehe...

My fav...isn't she adorable? Lily's little angel Jasmine.

Last but not the least...Happy Birthday to you maam Irel! I know tomorrow pa just want to make sure na I wont forget!

Ok dokie all for now...
Happy Monday everyone and have a wonderful week!
Off muna ako sa blogging, I have so much things to do. I'll be back after Thanksgiving.
I'll visit you guys when I can. Hugs & kisses to all. God bless!

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03 November 2006

Tag by Ruth

I was tag by mygurl Ruth

Simply list down nine weird things about yourself and tag nine others.

  • I washed my hands each time i touched a door knobs at work. (is it weird or just being careful not to get sick?) .
  • I slept with 3 pillows - don't know why, i just can't sleep without 3 pillows under my head.
  • I used my feet to pick up things - my hubby called me a monkey pati na rin ang boss ko kasi nakita niya ako i picked up the marker with my feet. :-)
  • I laughed when someone cut me off to go over the other lane during rushed hours and got stucked and "i said you idiot you deserved it!" hehehe not nice but i look stupid talking & screaming by myself. hahaha
  • When I leave to work i always look back to make sure the garage it closed. pag hindi ko na makita ang garage namin & still think na hindi ko na close i turn around just to make sure.
  • I keep asking same questions over & over until the person get annoyed by it. or until they said you just so weird!
  • When I take a shower I don't stop 'til I run out with hot water. (is this weird or being stupid wasting the water?)
  • We have un-finished basement everytime i go down there i get scared cause i always feel there's someone watching me. ( is it weird or just being a scary cat?)
  • Last but not the least I danced around the house with my undies...hahaha...
Pasensya na talaga kayo ha kung hindi ako makapag bisita sa inyong lahat at tsaka late na ako mag reply sa mga comments nyo, buzy lang po talaga. Passed couple nights na rin i'm catching up my sleeping cause i haven't been getting enough sleep lately. I'll be lucky to have 5 or 6 hours of sleep during week nights. Not good kasi i don't feel good at work at naiinis ako right away sa mga co-workers ko. Now, they kinda know na pag wala akong tulog. hehehe.

Speaking of work- we are officially moving to a different building w/c is 45 mins. drive from my house with no traffic. It's sucks but I guess i need to deal with it. I already told my boss na mag quit ako pero after our meeting kina-usap nila ako na 'wag mag quit. Plus nag offer din ng kunti so ok na rin ako at least may pang gasolina. Also i thought about it if i quit and find another job do i get the same freedom? nah i don't think so. Saan ka makakuha ng trabaho na you can do whatever you want as long as you do your job.

Ang haba na nito aabotan kayo ng siyam siyam sorry po.

Happy weekends everyone. Hugs & kisses to you all!

Grey's Anatomy update :-)
click the doctor to see the Latest Dish...hehehe...

One more foto from Julie's school band concert.
this is from Kathy's digicam.

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