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30 July 2006

Our trip to MA

Hello everyone how are you guys doing? Hope all well with you all.

Our trip to see my dad inlaw was great and good news, I think he will be still around for awhile with his Dialysis. When we left, he was in the hospital for couple surgery and we talked to him Saturday and he said he feel fine. Today he is going to nursing home for full recovery. Bless his heart.

Meeting the rest of Tom's family was great but para sa akin it was a challenge. Don't get me wrong they are all great people and I'm happy to met them all. Napakasaya talaga namin, gabi-gabi inoman kahit mga teenager naki inoman na rin sa amin. Hangang one night naglabasan sila sa kanilang mga emotion, bringing the past na hindi maganda. Walang kaiba talaga pagmaglabasan na sa mga hinanakit no'n. Hindi ko talaga nagustohan ang nakita ko pero I understand naman lalo na puro naka inom. Kinabukasan parang walang nangyari everything was fine. Sa totoo talaga, sa akin, 2 kapatid ng asawa ko na hindi ko nagustohan kasi sobrang mananakit sa kapwa tao. Oh well life talaga ano? Sorry kung nag i-express ako dito gusto ko lang ipalabas sa loob ko.

Anyway, while we were in MA we did surely visit the lovely ladies, Mira & Babette. It was great and pleasure meeting Barb & her family and of course Mira too. We arrived at Barb's house around 1. I rang the door bell and Barb's open the door with a big smile! First time I saw her parang nagkita na kami in person no'n, siguro sa katagal ko na siyang kilala (i think since 1998 from Filipinalist) at palaging nakikita sa mga fotos, siguro 'yon na diba? We had lunch, daming pagkain at nagdala pa si Mira ng some kind of pasta with shrimps, it was a really good. After we ate Tom took a nap and we chit chat and pose sa camera. Around 5 Barb invited us to stay for dinner, of course hindi ko tanggihan. We had pancit (Tom's loves it!) and porkchops. hmmm it was really yummmy!

Hunt's Family and Mira thanks so much for the warm welcome we really appreciate it.

Here's some photos from our trip and our get together with Babette & Mira:

madame Lolli I got my kurot, salamat ha...hehehe...

Oh yeah- thank you for all the congrats, very much appreciated. I'm glad it's over and I don't have to think about it. Here's a few fotos from the ceremony CLICK HERE.

TK: my only advise to you, huwag kang kukuha ng atty sayang lang talaga ang pera mo. Make sure before you mail your application double check all your answers sa form para walang sabit. Good luck!

Have a wonderful week everyone and enjoy. God Bless!

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22 July 2006

I am still Pinay at Heart

Today, 21st of July 2006 I became a U.S. citizen.
I am an American and a pure pinay heart.

After 12 years living here in America I decided to become a U.S. citizen, my reason was just incase we'll be living to Pinas and if I want to be in & out the country will not be hard for me. One thing I can say, "America gave me a freedom of thought and truly a happy person".

The process wasn't so bad at all, took 5 months and that's it. The interview & the test which everyone said its hard, nah, it's so easy as long as you know the 1st president, the president now, the senators in your state, the governor, the capital of your state, the chief of justice, how many stars are their in the flag and all. They give you 10 questions for US history and you are allowed to have 4 wrong so not bad right? So, to those who wants to apply a U.S. citizen don't worry about it, it's so easy.

Anyway, update for my father in-law, he is okay right now but doctor told him he only have 2 or 4 weeks to live. Very sad but he is old and his body is giving up. He had full of life and very happy person. We are going to see him right now spend time with him. We'll be driving to MA, on the way, we'll stop to NY pick up Tom's sister and her daughter. It's gonna be nice I haven't meet his sister yet, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time cause for the first time I'll meet his sisters.

While we're there I'll take advantage to meet Barb & Mira for the first time. Ladies, see you soon.

All for now and you guys have a wonderful weekend. Hugs & kisses to all!

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16 July 2006

Thank You

Hi everyone, I just want to thank you for all the Prayers for my dad in-law. He is getting better now and he is going home tomorrow. He surely a fighter for the seek of his wife and love ones. We might go see him when I get my vacation soon.

Saturday, I went to my friend Martine's house for a graduation open house for her step-daughter. Had a great time as always. Oh yeah- they moved to their new place and their yard is my dream yard, no neighbor at the backyard and lots of land. The house sits on a 10 acres land and the place is so nice and quiet. Love it! meron pang in ground heated pool...puede akong maghubad pag maligo...hehehe...hey- yong 'lang tao ha, ako lang mag-isa syempre.

Here's some few fotos from Saturday, take a peek when you have time . *wink! CLICK HERE

So- what you guys been up to lately? Having a fun summer? Hows the weather in your place? Ours been so hot! and I'm feeling hot hot! oli oli oli oli...hehehe...Thank God for the AC right?

Time for me to go bed, nothing much going on...

and here's

The world's shortest fairy tale ... It's so beautiful that it makes you want to cry!!!!

Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy "Will you marry me?" The guy said, "No" and the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, stayed skinny and farted whenever she wanted. The End.

Have a great week and enjoy!

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10 July 2006

Update Update

Hello everyone, how are you guys doing? Hope all well with you guys. Miss meh? I miss you all!

Kahit hindi ako bumibisita sa inyong mga tahanan o' mag reply ng email nyo, palagi ko kayong ini-isip. Busy lang po talaga, babawi din ako pag mag slow down na kami sa trabaho.

Speaking of work, I'm getting excited because we'll be switching to PC. From workstation to PC the only thing we can't access internet only emails thru DCX. And guess what, sa drawing & illustrations namin we'll be using Adobe Illustrator CS2. That means maka practice na ako sa pixeling, sounds good right madame Lolli? For me hindi ako excited para sa work, excited ako other things. hehehe

One thing too we're not be using CATIA anymore, (I take that back, I believe we'll have one machine for printing welds report and all) we'll be using right hemisphere program. What's good about it it's a lot faster in times projecting parts and bringing the whole engine. Using CATIA to bring the whole engine it will takes hours and take days to project the whole engine, with the right hemisphere it will take minutes, that's it!. Everybody really getting excited about it specially who works in engine & wirings. Sa akin?, nah as long as makagawa ako ng mga pixels at layout ok na. hehehe. shhh atin lang to ha. I'm sure it'll not be hard to learn the whole program, I'm a fast learner and a good listener. *wink!

Oh yeah- Friday, I took Julie to work. As always she's a big help. Well- the reason I took her, she wants to see the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, instead of going home & pick her up to see the movie why not take her and go see the movie after work. Save me the gas, right? I'm to cheap I guess, hey gas so expensive right now. hehehe. Of course with the boss (supervisor) permission. Sarap pakinggan when my boss (manager) talked to Julie and I told him the reason why I brought her to work, wow- his reply was, she's welcome anytime at walang problema sa kanya! How nice diba?, Saan ako maka kuha ng trabaho na I can take my kid anytime I want, specially the type of job I have.

Musta pala ang 4th of July nyo? Sa amin ok lang, pumunta kami to see the fireworks with May. Malapit lang sa bahay ni May and we walk kasi 2 miles lang, we had fun and we met a Pinay her name is Sally, bago lang siya dito 2 years lang. Here's a few fotos, click me

Last thing, my dad's in-law is not feeling well right now, he's 89 yrs old and still trying so hard to survive just for his wife. Imagine they've been married over 60 years, I know it's hard for both them. Please include him with you guys Prayers and thanks so much.

Have a great week to all!
God Bless.
Hugs and kisses to all!

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