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30 August 2008

Best price for Dollhouses

A friend of mine inviting me for her daughter birthday party next weekend and I am debating what to give her. Last year I gave her couple dolls I bought from and this year to make a lot easier may be I will get her a dollhouses for her dollies. I am pretty sure she will love it. And the only place I go for great savings on all sorts of toys.

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28 August 2008


Esd electronics was founded in 1984 as an engineering office in Hannover, Germany. As of 2008 there are 66 employees, 45 of them engineers. Due to the continuing success in the United States they established their US headquarters in 2004. Since 1984 they have successfully accomplished numerous customer projects. As a result from these projects they were also able to establish their own product line, which includes CAN interfaces & gateways and VMEbus/cPCI/PC104 interface boards. As a support for their hardware products they have developed and are maintaining drivers for various real time operating systems, such as VxWorks, QNX and more, but also for all Windows versions, including Windows RTX, and LINUX. Some of their customers includes, GE Medical, Boeing, NASA, General Motors, Philips Medical, Daimler Chrysler, Honeywell, BMW, Volkswagen, Bosch, Semitoll, US Navy, XEROX, Horner APG, Lockheed Martin, Aeroviroment, Hewlett Packard, and many, many more. Also, Esd electronics, Inc is proud to announce a new prooduct, CAN-PCIe/200, a PCI Express hardware interface for Controller Area Network (CAN) designed to the highest standards for industrial applications. So you can go to to buy electrons for your computer for such low prices!

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26 August 2008

Give me courage

Hubby been asking me to get car insurance quote online; I haven’t been get a chance to do it because for past 4 nights now I’m not feeling good. Besides not feeling good there’s something bothering me that I don’t even want to find a way to fix it. I don’t know it just so hard for me and to a certain extent I want to forget about it. I know it will hound me if I don’t resolve what’s bothering me but I don’t know, again it so hard. Anyway, enough my non-sense I'm off to to get a car insurance quote; my friend told me I can obtain quick insurance quotes with no hassles.

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17 August 2008

MBT Shoes

I never knew there’s shoes can help improve your posture. I just found out MBT shoes / footwear is appreciably improves your posture and relieves stress on your back joints. And it also exercises a large number of muscles, whether you are walking or standing. Thus stimulates your metabolism, burns extra calories and supports muscle regeneration. Better yet MBTs can have a firming effect on leg, buttock and abdominal muscles. This is really perfect for me since I have a bad posture.

The positive effects of MBT Shoes when walking...

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Creation by Carlota dot com

I finally create a blog for my Creations  hopefully I can keep it up ... the layout I put together from the FREE kit shared by ShabbyPrincess ... You can download the free kit just click HERE.

Please visit my new blog ... My Creations

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14 August 2008


I was still not finished one template I made for one of the blogger. I took a break so that my brain could install more designs to make it different. It challenged me when I have something that couldn't figure out. I would not leave the work until I am satisfied of the result but until now still had not! pity :(

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10 August 2008

Best acne treatment

We all know finding an acne treatment that really works is pretty difficult thing to do; especially there are tens of thousands of different acne treatments available out the market. I know for sure because I am I had a hard time finding one for my daughter. I am looking for an acne treatment that is guaranteed to work and of course one that works quickly isn’t harmful to the skin and is a long term acne treatment. I stumble upon the and they have the best acne treatment. Friends, if you have an acne problem check them out now!

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07 August 2008

Debt Collection

Tired of spending too much time managing Debt Collection? Or giving up as much as 50% of your profits to traditional collections agencies? They’ve developed a proven debt collection solution that gives you the benefit of third-party collections for a flat, low fee – no matter what industry you’re in. Learn about their Tier I Debt Collection solution and contact us now for more information on how APR can help improve your debt collection success. At American Profit Recovery, exceeding our clients’ expectations is not just a promise; it’s a way of life. They’re proud to help Business Owners and CEO’s/Presidents, and Office Managers and Administarators from large and small businesses across a wide range of industries. But don’t take their word for it. Also they understand that you work hard to earn your money. They think you shouldn’t have to waste it trying to collect money that’s rightfully yours. That’s why they’ve developed an innovative Tier I - Flexible Recovery Solution that allows you to outsource your collections – early in the collection cycle – for as little as $5.00 per account. And a proven Tier II – Firm Recovery Solution that helps you capture funds from older accounts and results in higher recovery rates. They also offer state of the art skiptracing, free credit bureau reporting, and legal options when other alternatives have been exhausted. So go to!

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03 August 2008

wala ra

I am glad that there is another winner of my layout contest. I am working it now the awaited layout of Tiklaton the winner. Hoping he would like my design, well to consider since I am still studying and exploring more to this field. I wish to be the best but seems my best it not yet enough so more time to explore and acquire knowledge the techniques of this. For myself who is not professional yet I could say that i am doing my best! *wink*...dah wala rako ma sulat..hehe

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02 August 2008

Best Acne products

It’s the weekend again and it’s August! Where did July go? Time flies isn’t it? Is it means I need to think for my Christmas decorations? Just kidding! Anyway, I have been looking for best acne products for my Julie, she has one already but seems like it didn’t work. So, here I am browsing for acne products for her, so she stops bugging me.

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time management

I am head over hell on my busyness. Of course i have applied the so called- time management if I don't i could not accommodate all the daily activity in the house work and extra curricular activity in blogging. This kept me busy and doing the organized work everything. Yet I still manage to watch my favorite teleserye. Just a matter of time management. No wrinkle yet for now..hope nothing will show despite my age..hehe

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01 August 2008


I am thankful those blogger who continually visiting my blogs and do the drop of my entrecard. I truly appreciate it the efforts of taking the time and I promised to update every single day and visit you guys as often as I could. Apology that sometimes I fail to visit you for other chorse in the house and work caught my busyness. Again, Thank you so much and hope to see you here again. I'll keep posted here whatever nuts and not so nuts interesting..heheh

Happy weekend!:)

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rome hotels

Rome is a main attraction in Italy for tourist. Big hotels such as the hilton, sheraton, or the holiday inn are not common in the city centre of Rome. At, its a guide of Rome hotels and rome accommodation. Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trastevere, St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, here is where their accommodations are.

Hotels in Rome have been accurately selected by following one single criteria: quality. They’re all set in the very heart of Rome’s ancient historical centre. You can stay in apartments, Bed and Breakfasts, or hotels. They also provide car transfers. The Apartments in Rome are for leisure and business travlers who want more from their stay in the Eternal City. You can find apartments by area, people, and price.

For travelers who want feel more like home, bed and breakfasts are the place to stay at. One bed and breakfasts is Eva's Rooms. Its an extraordinary place to stay. It’s 100 meters away from Rome and Spanish Steps, Via dei Condotti, Via Frattina and Via del Corso are right beside you.

At, they are there to save you time and money when searching for a hotel. offers a wide range of accommodations in Rome. You will feel more like a local and less like a tourist. You can pick form 2 star hotels to 5 star hotels. If you ever plan to stay in Rome, is your guide for rome accommodation. And don't forget to check out Rome apartments.

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