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31 May 2007


Source: MSN

Please take your time to read this article. I know you/we all aware about Osteoporosis but I guarantee you wanna know more about it.

Topic Overview
From Healthwise

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a progressive disease that causes bones to become thin and brittle, making them more likely to break. Osteoporosis may result in broken bones (fractures) in the spine and hip. Hip fractures often require hospitalization, and fractures of the bones in the spineClick here to see an illustration. (vertebrae) can cause loss of height and severe back pain. Both may lead to permanent disability.

Whether you develop osteoporosis depends on the thickness of your bones early in life, as well as health, diet, and physical activity later in life. See an illustration of healthy bone versus bone weakened by osteoporosisClick here to see an illustration..

What causes osteoporosis?

During childhood and teenage years, new bone is added faster than existing bone is absorbed by the body. After age 30, this process begins to reverse. As a natural part of aging, bone dissolves and is absorbed faster than new bone is made, and bones become thinner. You are more apt to have osteoporosis if you did not reach your ideal bone thickness (bone mineral density) during your childhood and teenage years. Not getting enough calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus may contribute to bone thinning.

After age 50, lower levels of estrogen in women and of testosterone in men may speed up bone loss.

If your mother, father, or a sibling has osteoporosis, your risk for the disease is higher.

What are the symptoms?

Osteoporosis is a "silent disease" because typically you do not have symptoms in its early stages. As the disease progresses, you may develop symptoms related to weakened bones, including:

  • Back pain.
  • Loss of height and stooped posture.
  • A curved backbone (dowager's hump).
  • Fractures that may occur with a minor injury, especially in the hip, spine, or wrist.

You can use this tool to check your risk for osteoporosis:

Interactive Tool: Are You At Risk for Osteoporosis?

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29 May 2007

Me & Julie a new look.

Friday, Julie decided to have a haircut, I ignored her cause I didn't want her to cut her hair but she really insists to have it cut, she even cried. So, I took her yesterday at Ulta without an appointment, luckily there's one hairdresser available. While watching the hairdresser cutting Julie's hair I thought that she knows what she's doing (hehehe) so, i decided to have mine cut too. Here's some pics:

*** Julie's Before ***

*** Julie'sAfter ***

She likes it. Now she started it, I wont be surprise next time will be more drastic!


***Me Before with Friends taken Saturday May 26th***

*** Me After ***

What do you think?

Tom didn't like it :-( .

Have a great week everyone. God bless!

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28 May 2007

Pistons Misfire

Source: NBA Site

Sunday Loss: Chauncey Billups drained a jumper with 36.6 seconds left to pull the Pistons within two, but couldn't get any closer in Sunday's 88-82 road loss in Game 3. Billiups scored 13 points for Detroit, which will visit Cleveland in Game 4 on Tuesday at 8 p.m. on TNT.

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Pictures to Share

Michigan Bisdak - Taken May 27th at May's birthday party.

Sally - Coco - Choco ~ 2007

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25 May 2007


rewind for what? hehehe ... here I am sick again! Just got over with my bronchitis and another nasty cough! grrrr... over a week na kasi ito eh.

Last week, Julie's band concert wasn't so bad, same 'ol can't hardly see her. Luckily all the kids had their short solos they stand up and I made sure I got it in video. (will be uploaded when I get a chance). They played "All That Jazz". As usual after the concert we went out for dinner, we went to an italian restaurant very nice and quiet place, food sooo good. We didn't get a chance to have a dessert because we start coughing & it was so embarrassing. We hurried up and left.

Then over the weekend i was busy doing some house work. Well, didn't really do much got tired of coughing and indeed watching all kind of TV shows from sports to stupid reality shows in MTV. hahaha. Billiard was fun then PBA. I remembered Julie's bowling, 2004 she start playing bowling for the 1st time and got the first place. 2005 she did it again and she also join the little tournament w/c she got the first place and 125.00 dollars scholarship. I wanted her to continue to bowl but she got bored and quit! From ice skating to swimming to whatever :-) the longest she's in is the school band. She said she will continue softball until high school, we'll see.

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24 May 2007

Jordin Sparks Crowned 'American Idol'

Jordin Sparks, 17, Becomes The Youngest `American Idol' Yet As She Triumphs Over Blake Lewis.

AP) The big voice overwhelmed the beatbox Wednesday night as Jordin Sparks was crowned the newest and youngest "American Idol."

Sparks, 17, of Glendale, Ariz., prevailed over Blake Lewis, 25, of Bothell, Wash., after a triumphant performance Tuesday that wowed the show's judges and the viewers who gave her a majority of the record 74 million votes cast.

"Mom, Dad, I love you," Sparks, the daughter of retired NFL player Phillippi Sparks, said tearfully after a bearhug from Lewis.

In an interview backstage with The Associated Press, the overwhelmed winner recalled talking with her dad about how she used to watch him sign autographs.

Sparks said he told her, "`You're more famous than me now.' And I was like, `Oh, Dad, that's so weird.'"

Did she feel she grew as an artist during the competition, as the series' judges remarked?

"I totally think I did," Sparks said. "I've just been trying to top myself each week ... I would sing my song and then after I was done I was, `OK, what am I going to do next week that's going to be ... just as good or better."

The contest came down to either the stronger singer, Sparks, or the better entertainer, Lewis. Sparks delivered her songs simply and powerfully; Lewis' flourishes included his beatbox sound effects and sharp dance moves.

Even the famous were gushing over Sparks.

"She is an awesome singer," finale performer Smokey Robinson said backstage. "She sings so good, it's hard to believe she's 17. To sing like that you would have to have lived for a long time. She's an old soul."

The finale pulled out the stops and the stars, with Gwen Stefani, Tony Bennett, Bette Midler, Green Day and more singing.

The two-hour show opened with Lewis and Sparks dueting on the Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There," followed quickly by a touring Stefani singing "4 in the Morning" via satellite from Massachusetts.

Midler took the stage as the show came toward its close, singing "The Wind Beneath My Wings."

Past "Idol" winners and this season's contestants got a hefty share of attention, starting with first-season winner Kelly Clarkson. She performed her new single "Never Again," with the gritty rock song matched by her black dress and thigh-high boots.

Carrie Underwood, the fourth-season idol, sang "I'll Stand by You" and was honored by legendary music mogul Clive Davis for reaching 6 million in sales for her debut album, "Some Hearts."

Taylor Hicks, last season's winner, also had his moment in the finale sun, as did Ruben Studdard, the winner from year two.

Robinson, a Motown great, performed "Being with You" after the top six male contestants, including fan fave Sanjaya Malakar, sang "Ooh Baby Baby," a hit for Robinson and his group the Miracles.

Blake, whose beat-boxing scored with viewers, performed with veteran rapper Doug E. Fresh on his old hit, "The Show." It was a signature moment for a contest that has introduced young viewers to Gershwin and other standards.

"True originals," host Ryan Seacrest said of the duo.

Gladys Knight took the stage with the six female finalists, belting out "I Feel a Song" and "Midnight Train to Georgia." Bennett performed a mellow version of "For Once in My Life" that ended with a big finish.

"A true idol, Tony Bennett, ladies and gentlemen," Seacrest gushed, with good reason.

Melinda Doolittle, arguably the best "Idol" contestant to miss out on the finale, returned to impress the crowd again as she sang "Hold Up the Line" with gospel stars BeBe and CeCe Winans.

"She has proven in the last few months to be spectacular," BeBe Winans said backstage of Doolittle.

The show took a serious turn when Green Day performed "A Working Class Hero is Something to Be," a single from "Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur," a fundraising album for the embattled region.

The finale also had its share of filler, including bits suc as the "Golden Idols," an award saluting the oddest of odd auditions, or the worst. The winners included Margaret Fowler, who proudly accepted her trophy and recited poetry after smooching Seacrest.

Hundreds of "American Idol" fans lined Hollywood Boulevard leading up to the theater before the show.

"I'm obsessed with the show. I auditioned for it this past season. I'm just coming out to show my love," said Sarah Blackmon, 19, who drove more than two hours from San Diego County to attend the finale.

"I don't like picking favorites. They say it's a music competition, so Jordin's going to win," Blackmon said, but added, "I think Blake's really hot."

One of the series' executive producers, Cecile Frot-Coutaz of FremantleMedia North America Inc., said Tuesday she'd be happy with either contestant as the new idol.

"These are some of the most commercial finalists we've had since Carrie Underwood," Frot-Coutaz said. "Either one will make a great winner for the show and the brand. They both have the potential to sell many records."

For their final performances, both contestants sang "This Is My Now," the tune picked by viewers in an online "American Idol" songwriting contest introduced this season, along with two other songs of their choice.

On Tuesday, judges Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson made their choice clear. Diplomatic Paula Abdul kept her counsel as usual, praising both singers. Although the judges didn't have a say in the decision their opinions have the potential to sway voters.

"You were the best singer tonight. You deserve it all, baby!" Jackson told Sparks.

"You just wiped the floor with Blake," added Cowell, who then told Sparks he was wrong for initially thinking she wasn't good enough to win the Fox talent show.

Before the finale, Cowell spoke warmly of Doolittle and what wasn't to be.

"I'm pleased for the two of them," Cowell said of Sparks and Lewis. "They're nice kids. But I would have liked to have seen one of them up against the big singer."

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16 May 2007

Just a quick update

...before i go to work.

I start replying all you guys comments in my previous post but didn't get a chance to finished it, time to go to work :-( . I'll finish it later.

Thanks as always everyone, hope all the mother's had a great one. We just stayed home both of them still not feeling good. Julie in the other hand well- this kid her allergy will not interfere her daily activities, though is so bad but still going. Wish I have the same energy. She had a good game yesterday, they played very well even though they made a lot of mistakes. Today she'll have another game and so as Thursday. Thursday game we wont let her play cause she have the band concert but she wants to play, well see. I forget, she played softball by the way.

Here's some pictures from last week game, I thank Kathy for dragging me to the game cause I wasn't planning to watch it, cause during that time I wasn't feeling good but she made me feel guilty about it, right Kathy? hehehe. Julie did say I should thank you, yes "thanks so much" if you didn't made me feel guilty for sure I missed her moment of winning the game.

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12 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Finally I get a chance to update my abandoned blog. wink* I'm just busy and haven't been feeling good with this allergy. I'm okay now but hubby & Julie are so bad with their allergy.

Thanks so much for all the visits and messages truly appreciate it them all. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. Saan ang handaan mga mama? Kami parang hindi lalabas kasi ang mag-ama ko not feeling good, not fair naman ako lang ang mag enjoy. Honestly i rather stay home do nothing wink*.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Enjoy your day.

Mother's Love

Her love is like an island
In life's ocean, vast and wide
A peaceful, quiet shelter
From the wind, the rain, the tide.
'Tis bound on the north by Hope,
By Patience on the West,
By tender Counsel on the South
And on the East by Rest.
Above it like a beacon light
Shine Faith, and Truth, and Prayer;
And thro' the changing scenes of life
I find a haven there.
- Author Unknown

To my beloved mother, always remember you're often in my thoughts and always in my heart. Before you always said, "Someday, you'll thank me." well, as usual you were right! Thanks so much. Happy Mother's Day. I love you.

Happy weekend to all. God bless.

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