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31 October 2008

Wayfarer sunglasses anyone?

I love collecting and wearing Wayfarer sunglasses so much. It was the only thing it made me completely fashionable. Yeah! A sound pathetic but it's true. The designs are never really goes out of style and the quality is so good. It's very comfortable to use and it made me feel beautiful and sexy in my own way. I'm sure you guys/ gals love this so much also as the way I love it.

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Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween everyone! Do you guys have lots of kids came by? We don’t have that much this year. sad… We have 30 pcs. of chocolate bars (big ones) and 180 of totsirolls. Where are the kids? We have a gorgeous weather this time and no kids! You know while I was waiting of the kids I wish I have the laptop so I can blog and give out candies. hehehe. Well- it’s been a long time haven’t use it, because I keep forgetting of buying a laptop memory. This weekend which is tomorrow I will definitely buy one so I can use it.

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28 October 2008

Yap and Play online...

Can you do this? Yap and play online? My DD can! hahaha...early in the morning.

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23 October 2008

Get competitive insurance quotes

I was driving in the freeway I notice a car was blinking his/her high beam I guess telling me to speed up. Well, I was in the fast lane and doing 80-85 mph so I told myself yeah whatever. Then he/she didn't stop even getting so aggressive. I kind of slow down because I know can't pass me. When he/she got a chance, “SHE” pulled in front of me and speeds up! What a b**ch! She must be doing 100mph because I was doing 85 and she's already about maybe 10 cars ahead of me. You know if we were in slow traffic I would slammed my brakes. It won’t be a problem for me because it’ll be her fault and pretty sure she has auto insurance. Speaking of auto insurance, if you’d like a trusted for precise and dependable information about auto insurance is the place to go; guarantee you’ll get sense of balanced information and competitive insurance quotes.

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20 October 2008

Getaway on my birthday

Nadean and I were planning to getaway on my birthday guess where? Las Vegas! Perfect weekend getaway for us we both need it. We found a fairly cheap vegas hotel but we might take the entire package since it’s very affordable. Hmmm you guys might ask if my DH will let me go probably not, but I will talk to him in decency (I know he will say NO right away) so he will let me go. Wish me luck!

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I will be updating my blogroll pretty soon and friends if you want to exchange link please leave comment with your URL so I can add them for you.

To those who ask me to exchange link, sorry didn't get a chance to get back or reciprocate right away I was just so busy. I'm going to try my best to update this blog regularly so it would be more alive once again.

Thanks for the visit and the messages very much appreciated. Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!

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19 October 2008

Found what I want for my birthday

My birthday is quite approaching, hubby and Julie already asking me what I want on my birthday. I’ve been thinking about it all week and nothing I can think of that I really, really want. Laptop would be great but I thought of the economy right now getting a laptop is not a wise decision. I was thinking of watch to add of my collection and I found this beautiful sports watch similar what I have in black strap. Isn’t it cute? Of course especially pink!

If you guys like the watch visit they have a huge selection of Festina watches in 14 different lines and very affordable.

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18 October 2008

Pizza party at work

Friday we had a pizza party at work, kind of sad because only 8 people left. As you all know we had a huge layoff couple of weeks ago and only 6 left if my group and 2 in other group which where Nadean's group. I am still not feeling better about the whole thing especially our work will phase out in a matter of time. We are all sad that we are counting our days.

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06 October 2008

Familiar diet pill

Does anyone familiar a diet pill called alli? Alli diet pill is a non-prescription that is approved by Food and Drug Authority. This would will help me of what’s going on with me right now; alli is simply reduces the body’s amount of fat absorption and the best thing of alli is appropriate for obese patients 18 years and older. Now- if you guys struggling to lose weight (including me) this is the chance to find out more information about alli by visiting the site.

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Perfect website for funny t-shirts

Each time Julie and I stroll around the mall she always stop by at the store that sells funny t-shirts. I have a funny story, one time when we stopped by at the store I found this t-shirt the wording on it, it made me scream, I can’t write the exact word but trust me it was very disturbing. The funny part was one of the sales person was running towards us to check out what’s going on; I was embarrassed yet at the same time laughing. We had to leave the store otherwise the more we look around the more they will kick us out. Anyway, I don’t have to go the mall anymore because I found the perfect website for funny t-shirts I am going to look one that is funny and appropriate for Julie.

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