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28 February 2008

The Brightest of Stars

The Brightest of Stars

Swirls of gas and dust reside in this ethereal-looking region of star formation seen by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. This majestic view, located in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), reveals a region where low-mass, infant stars and their much more massive stellar neighbors reside. A shroud of blue haze gently lingers amid the stars.

Known as LH 95, this is just one of the hundreds of star-forming systems, called associations, located in the LMC some 160,000 light-years distant. Earlier ground-based observations of such systems had only allowed astronomers to study the bright blue giant stars present in these regions. With Hubble's resolution, the low-mass stars can now be analyzed, which will allow for a more accurate calculation of their ages and masses.

Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration

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Saying NO to the Junk

"Think of how happy you will be when you finally lose those 10, 20, 30 pounds. By saying no to the junk, you'll get used to reaching for the healthy foods, and will stop buying the sweets. You are creating a new lifestyle for yourself that will benefit you in all ways."

I can't say no to junk ... love junk food. reminds me long time ago whether you believe me or not I can eat a whole bag of potato chips in one day. hehehe.

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Respectfully Cheating

Joke time ... it's been awhile haven't posted jokes ... here it is.

Jack and Betty are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

"Betty, I was wondering -- have you ever cheated on me?"

"Oh Jack, why would you ask such a question now? You don't want to ask that question..."

"Yes, Betty, I really want to know. Please."

"Well, all right. Yes, 3 times."

"Three? When were they?"

"Well, Jack, remember when you were 35 years old and you really wanted to start the business on your own and no bank would give you a loan? Remember how one day the bank president himself came over to the house and signed the loan papers, no questions asked?"

"Oh, Betty, you did that for me! I respect you even more than ever, that you would do such a thing for me! So, when was number 2?"

"Well, Jack, remember when you had that last heart attack and you were needing that very tricky operation, and no surgeon would touch you? Remember how Dr. DeBakey came all the way up here, to do the surgery himself, and then you were in good shape again?"

"I can't believe it! Betty, I love that you should do such a thing for me, to save my life! I couldn't have a more wonderful wife. To do such a thing, you must really love me darling. I couldn't be more moved. When was number 3?"

"Well, Jack, remember a few years ago, when you really wanted to be president of the golf club and you were 17 votes short?"

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Apartments Alternative to Hotel Rooms

If you are presently living in New Zealand looking for a nice environment of apartment or if you are planning to visit New Zealand and looking up for room to stay. It's a worry free because New Zealand Hotels are rampant with excellent, facilities and Service. Well, apartment is the best ideas to rent, it allow you to accommodate your entire family with a huge savings you get of your accommodation. There are different interesting places in New Zealand with various entertainments that your family will enjoy. To accommodate your families a comfortable room, they can freely relax and have a great stay of their preferences because Auckland accommodation, Wellington accommodation, Christchurch Accommodation, Queenstown accommodation will serve your family better room.

Traveling with your family is a great must to do because it is a way you can spend time and get to know more deeply of your family.

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Doctor cost

Took Julie to her doctor tonight for shots, i was shock the cost per shot, 254$ and insurance doesn't cover. Tonight was her second shot and she have 1 more to go. It costs us 762$ for 3 shots yay! ... I remembered when I had my 21 days protocol for my chiropractor it costs me almost 800$ and again insurance did not covered. gosh more blogging please to paid the doctor costs...hehehe...

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18 February 2008

Getting to know Me

...getting to know You.

Tag from Lily and Angel ... thanks ladies for tagging me on this, i think this is great to get to know each other more... wink*

Copy this entire list of questions and change all the answers so that they apply to you. Then tag and pass it along to other blogging friends. Let’s see how well we can get to know one another!

1. What is your occupation?
==> Graphics Illustrator for cars, trucks & etc.

2. What color are your socks right now?
==> grey

3. What are you listening to right now?
==> Julie playing guitar.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
==> cereal for dinner

5. Can you drive a stick shift?
==> i wish i can .. would love to learn.

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
==> pink

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
==> Julie's doctor, make an appointment for her.

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you?
==> yes, lovely ladies

9. Favorite drink?
==> beer ... martini wink*

10. What is your favorite sport to watch?
==> basketball and hockey

11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
==> yes

12. Pets?
==> NOPE

13. Favorite food?
==> italian

14. Last movie you watched?
==> Coyote Ugly

15. Favorite Day of the year?
==> Christmas

16. What do you do to vent anger?
==> eat and eat and eat

17. What was your favorite toy as a child?
==> jackston

18. What is your favorite, fall or spring?
==> both

19. Hugs or kisses?
==> its depends. hehehe

20. What kind of pie?
==> not really fan with any pie

21. Do you want your friends to email you back?
==> sometimes ... if i reply their email hehehe.

22. Who is most likely to respond?
==> whoever got a time

23. Who is least likely to respond?
==> who annoyed with this kind of tag ... hehehe.

24. Living arrangements?
==> with my beloved family

25. When was the last time you cried?
==> last night but i can't remember why. hahaha

26. What is on the floor of your closet?
==> ugly beige carpet

27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to?
==> not sending to anyone, cause seems like everyone got tag already.

28. The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are sending this to?
==> not tagging ok. hehehe.

29. Favorite smell?
==> my smell of course. actually my hubby used under shirts.

30. What inspires you?
==> life, my family, loved ones and friends

31. What are you afraid of?
==> something happened to my loved ones

32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers?
==> spicy hamburgers with beer.

33. Favorite car?
==> can i say beamer?

34. Favorite cat breed?
==> none

35. Number of keys on your key ring?
==> only 2

36. How many years at your current job?
==> 10 this coming May ... how sad?

37. Favorite day of the week?
==> Friday ... i can stay up late

38. How many provinces have you lived in?
==> 1 or 2?

39. How many countries have you been to?
==> countries> 2

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17 February 2008

New Look

Finally I got a chance to update my template on this blog. I think it turned out just fine. Thanks to ms. Irel for the tweak of the sidebar and add with my magic. I just didn't want to start over and i want to use the template I designed. Well- without mr. Skin Design template xml code this wont exist. Thanks to him!

Header pics is my place in Camotes Island, Philippines ... I used 2 diff photos and combined them with the help of PSP magic, i'm sure you guys can see the flaws of the pic. wink* but not bad, I'm happy with the result.

More on my template design please click HERE and HERE . And more on Layout I Designs.

All my template xml code credited to Skin Design.

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11 February 2008

iPod skins

This post is dedicated to my daughter who is inept for everything she owned like an iPod. This is just so mean but it’s true. She always says accidents happen. Yeah right! Just being clumsy that’s all. Last Christmas she received an iPod video for a gift, along with the i-Pod we gave the her an i-Pod skin. We gave her it just incase she scratches it and what not.

To protect your valuable item like iPod you need to check out and get your iPod skins. This helps to protect your iPod from occasional nicks and scratches from everyday use. Whether it’s iPod skins for your iPod Shuffle, iPod mini, iPod G1, Generation 2 iPod, G3 iPod, iPod 4G, iPod 5G, etc. SkinIt delivers an enormous selection of artistic skins to decorate your mp3 player or favorite device. All the iPod protective skins are very easy to remove without leaving any residue and even reapply.

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10 February 2008

Tag from Julie

1. What's the connection between you and the last person that called you?
==> friend - Lily

2. Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
==> yes

3. What happened at 10:00 am today?
==> nothing was still sleeping

4. When did you last cry?
==> last week? something personal

5. What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
==> kare-kare cook by May (kukang kelan? hehehe)

6. What do you want in your life right now?
==> be in my place in Camotes Island, Philippines

7. Do you carry an umbrella when it rains, or just put up your hood?
==> it depends...when it hard yes umbrella

8. Do you wear Crocs?
==> nope

9. What do you smell like?
==> fresh ... hahaha

10. What's your favorite Gatorade flavor?
==> lime (before i drink 2 bottles a day now NOPE)

11. Whats your favorite thing to have on your bed?
==> my fave blanket

13. What's the nicest text in your inbox say?
==> none ... some of them asking me where am I.

14. Do you tend to make relationships complicated?
==> of course not!

15. Are you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?
==> nope ... when i was single yes. wink*

16. What was the last movie you went to see?
==> can't remember

18. Do you live near your ex boyfriend/girlfriend?
==> i'm married hehehe

19. Can you sleep in jeans?
==> sometimes ... i'll when i'm exhausted and don't have the time to change.

20. Are you a cuddler?
==> hmmm should ask hubby. hehehe

22. Something you just don't understand?
==> sometimes life

23. Where were you on July 4th, 2007?
==> i think home ... for the 1st time we didn't go nowhere

24. What does the last text message you received say?
==> where are you? have you ignoring my calls or txt messages? hehehe

25. What did you reply?
==> nothing ... i'll reply when i get chance ... the question how hard to reply that message? lol

26. Who was the last person you were in the car with under 20?
==> Julie ... last night

27. What is the last thing someone bought you?
==> i bought one for my

28. When was the last time you saw number 3 on your top friends?
==> last Monday with dinner pa 'yan hehehe.

29. Will you kiss the last person you kissed again?
==> of course!

30. Do you trust people easily?
==> sorta

31. Do you say "dawg"?
==> nope

32. What are you proud of?
==> me for being myself

33. Have you ever dated someone named Adam?
==> nope

34. Who was last to cook for you?
==> hubby ... tonight's dinner hmmm yummmm

35. How many piercings do you have?
==> just 1 pr of earing

39. Do you care what others think about you?
==> now? not really ...

42. Do you think you'll be married in 10 years?
==> been married over 14 years already

44. What do you look forward to in the next 3 months?
==> organize my house and keep up my bills hahaha.

45. Who was the last person you called?
==> my sister ... someone answer just pissed me off!

46. Who was the last missed call?
==> my ex-coworker

48. Do you plan on moving in the next year?
==> ???

49. What were you doing at 9pm last Friday night?
==> doing my tasks

50. What brand of eyeliner do you use?
==> marykay

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07 February 2008

Finally - new guitar!

Julie finally have her own guitar. We bought it over the weekend though kind of hurt in our pocket but we want her to continue practice playing the guitar and be good at it. Who knows one day she'll be hmmmm blank blank blank. hehehe... just a wishful thingking. wink*

Here's the first video recorded with her new guitar. not complete, mistakes are made. Well- she's new and still learning.

Sorry's Not Good Enough (Cover) - mcFly

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01 February 2008

Don't stare yourself

Sensible weight loss programs do not encourage starving yourself or skipping meals. If you skip meals not only will you get hungrier later but your body may have to break down muscle to get the nutrients it needs.

I have been skipping meals just to lose some weight and yes I am hungrier later the day and I ate a lot.

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Drinking enough water?

Water Works for Weight Loss

Nothing quells the appetite like water, lots and lots of water. Start out with two quart bottles in the morning and carry one with you to work or wherever you go. If you like, divvy up the 64 ounces of water into eight (8-ounce) bottles or four pint (16-ounce) bottles to carry around with you all day. Freeze half of them the night before and they will last all day, even in a hot car. Keep some unfrozen so they will be ready to drink immediately.

Yes. You will have to make more frequent bathroom trips, but it is worth it. Drink your 64 ounces of water before dinner, if possible, so you're not up half the night going to the bathroom.

Water not only fills you up and lessens your appetite, it prevents those "hungry horrors" we all encounter when our blood sugar drops and we reach for cookies, candy, ice cream, fries or other high-calorie treats. Water also flushes out the system, rids the body of bloat and toxins and rosies up the complexion. Now, start splashing.

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Washing Dishes by Hand

I never use rubber gloves when I wash dishes by hand. To me when I use a rubber gloves washing dishes seems like will not cleaned.

Here's some for you...

Washing dishes by hand is not really a very complex task, just slightly tedious. As with the rest of your kitchen cleaning tasks, the job will be much easier and and quicker if you wear rubber gloves. This will be especially helpful because you will be able to use hotter water, and the dishes will clean easier.Always start with the least greasy items first - glasses, then cutlery, then plates, and save pots and pans for last. If you have a two-part sink, wash in one section and fill the other with hot water for rinsing. If you have a single sink, fill a container with hot water and pour over the freshly washed dishes to rinse. Good quality dish detergent is much more effective than the less expensive brands, and usually ends up costing less, since you can use less with each wash. It is also best to go about washing the dishes as soon as possible after using them, so that the food does not have a chance to dry on.

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Man & Woman

Joke time!

Man, Woman, Sleeping Compartment

A man and a woman who have never met before find themselves in the same sleeping carriage of a train.

After the initial embarrassment they both go to sleep, the woman on the top bunk, the man on the lower.

In the middle of the night the woman leans over, wakes the man and says, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm awfully cold and I was wondering if you could possibly get me another blanket."

The man leans out and, with a glint in his eye, says, "I've got a better idea... just for tonight, let's pretend we're married."

The woman thinks for a moment. "Why not," she giggles.

"Great," he replies, "Get your own damn blanket!"

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Home today

I didn't go to work because of the weather, too chicken to drive. lol . well- i wanted to go cause i have something need to be done at work but hubby called me not to go work not safe to drive and not worth it. i have a big smile cause hubby surely loved me. lol. i even teased julie when she asked me if i'm going to work. i told her your dad just called me and want me to stay home. nyahahaha. i'm just being a baby right now. hahaha.

I'll be busy though, will put away all my xmas stuff, yes xmas decors still up. how sad huh? i half too it's February already and my house still xmas. hubby even said why don't leave it 'til next xmas...he just being sarcastic. hahaha.

Happy Friday everyone and enjoy!

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