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11 February 2009

Valentine’s Day is not for us!

Valentine’s Day is just few days away and have you thinking or gotten anything for your special love one yet? I already have in mind what to give for my DD. You might wondering why my daughter not my DH. Hubby and I Valentine’s Day is just normal day for us, we usually just have a nice dinner at home, no gifts to each other ONLY to our DD. Isn’t it something? One day hubby came home with heart balloon and a big teddy bear I thought it was for me but surprisingly it wasn’t, it was for our DD. From then on we only give Valentine’s gift to our darling daughter.

Anyways, if you are doing special with your love one this Valentine’s Day perhaps surprises her/him for a nice getaway, warmer places like Dallas Texas. I’m sure right now cheap Dallas Texas hotels is easy to find.